The Novacare Difference
At Novacare, we are different. We do not hope to become a merchandiser or retailer. We focus our efforts on being outstanding at providing pharmacy services. As such, you'll notice that we pretty much carry products associated with health benefits. We have designed our pharmacy to be open and transparent, as we believe the healthcare should be delivered in such a manner. We have created a soothing, comfortable and convenient environment that will allow you to enjoy a coffee and relax for the 5-10 minutes while your prescriptions are being prepared.

We at Novacare also value your privacy. We recognize that lining up at a counter and being told how to use your medication(s) in front of a half-dozen other patient is not appropriate. We have both semi-private and completely private consultation areas. The latter are designed for more extensive medication reviews or complex consultations.

In addition to the traditional dispensing/education services offered by most pharmacies, we also provide additional services. We are happy to work with you and your doctor on the following common issues:

Congestive Heart Failure
Polypharmacy (multiple medications)
Financial Review (how you can save money on your prescriptions)

We at Novacare are certain that once you experience the Novacare difference, you yourself will redefine what a pharmacy should be.

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