Anticoagulation Service:
Patient Information:

Although Novacare will be the first pharmacy in Ontario to offer this anticoagulation service, it has been available in the United States and other parts of Canada for years.

What kind of service are you providing?
Novacare Pharmacy's anticoagulation service provides both INR testing and warfarin dose management services. These services are offered together in order to decrease the pain/discomfort, wasted time, and waiting associated with traditional venous draws. At the same time, the service hopes to at least maintain the quality of anticoagulation care your receive and improve it if possible.

With Novacare's anticoagulation service, you avoid:

1. painful venous draws
2. waiting in line at the lab
3. waiting 2 days or more for your results
4. complicated dosing instructions over the phone
5. last minute trips to the pharmacy for new warfarin prescriptions

Testing, dosing, and scheduling follow-up visit are all done together. The average visit takes no more than 15 minutes, saving you time.

But more important than convenience, quality of warfarin management is critical. Peter Dumo, pharmacist at Novacare, has more than 10 000 outpatient and inpatient anticoagulation visits. He has developed anticoagulation service, carried out process improvement project in anticoagulation and he has carried out, presented and published research on warfarin.

2. Can I see Novacare for my warfarin management without a physician referral?
NO. All patient MUST have a signed referral from their family physician. Patients without a family physician will be seen only temporarily until a family physician is identified for the patient (no more than 4 weeks). The anticoagulation service's medical director will assume temporary medical responsibility for anticoagulation.

3. How do I get referred to this service?
Contact Novacare Pharmacy at 519-946-0303 to arrange for a short consultation. During this visit, we will ensure that you are viable candidate for this service, provide you with a packet to bring to your physician, and additional instructions.

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